The Workout

30 Minute Circuit

Our resistance circuit has been specially designed for women, we have eight stations, were each exercise works on different muscle groups
for a complete workout. With just 3 sessions per week you will look and feel the difference in no time.


Treadmills, Crosstrainers, Cardio Waves, Steppers, Bikes and Rower



We have a variety of  fitness classes for you to choose from, each unique routines that are continually changing.

Check out our timetable for more information. Classes are also open to non-members, so why not come along and join in on our classes.

Wobble Away

Short on time? Well there’s a solution, why not try the wobble away plate and get an hours workout in the gym in just 20 minutes.
Read more on how Wobble Away can help you…

Combi Sauna and Steam

Sit back, unwind chat and relax with your friends in the warmth of our Sauna.


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