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In 8 weeks I have lost 34½ inches and 10lbs but more importantly my body fat has dropped by 7% and my BMI has also come down. I am pleased with my progress as I only had my baby boy 16 weeks ago. I gave Raj permission to Boot Camp me and not hold back, which she did (thanks Raj). The results speak for themselves!!! I am hoping to lose another 10lbs in the next 8 weeks and with Raj’s help I am confident I will achieve it!! Thanks

Stacey Walters

Membership Number: 42


I really can’t speak highly enough about “Unique Fitness.” Raj and all the staff are amazing at motivating and bringing the best out of every single member. I have lost 9½ inches so far and intend to continue with my workouts. Thank you Unique Fitness

Leanne Trinder

Membership Number: 625



Since I started to come to Unique Fitness just over 2 months ago, I must say that I have lost 7lbs in weight and 15½ inches all round. Raj and all her staff are brilliant, they keep you motivated and are very helpful. Raj especially is very encouraging and always motivates me to do everything at the gym, which I believe is part of the regime and furthermore has made a difference to my weight. Thanks Raj for all your support and encouragement, I really appreciate it.

Shaheen Akhtar

Membership Number: 598


I have lost half a stone and 21 inches doing the Summer Shape Up Challenge. I am really pleased with achieving this! Thank you Raj and Jas for helping me achieve my weight loss and the support you have given me. This has motivated me to keep it up and loose even more weight. Thank you once again!


Rachel Heath

Membership Number: 632



I’m really happy! Managed to lose 22 inches all over, which I never thought I’d have achieved as with a lot of women. I have my good days and bad days, this has given me a boost to do better now. Really, really happy I lowered my BMI and body fat looking forward to getting assessed again, didn’t expect to do so well, compared to other gyms I’ve been to where I never saw the difference. I owe it all to Raj, best gym, glad I discovered it, I know here I will be able to reach my goal. Friends have noticed I’ve lost weight even though I couldn’t! Overall I am very happy and LOVE coming here, really live atmosphere, loads of friendly women, it’s great!

Thanks Raj

Irram Shaheen

Membership Number: 556


Since the day I joined Unique Fitness I have lost 1½ stone and 47 inches! Before I used to exercise at home but since I joined Unique Fitness, it has been an amazing experience. I lost more weight than I expected, especially with Raj’s and her staffs help and motivation. Everything went awesome. I really appreciate their help and just want to say a huge thank you!

Saddaf Choudhary

Membership Number: 546


I’ve been coming for one year at Unique Fitness. It’s been great, there is so much encouragement, motivation and the atmosphere is always wonderful. Raj has been a God send she has always been there for me emotionally and physically. She pushes everyone so hard and she always works them to the best of their abilities and much more. The staff are so friendly and the other members are great. It’s hard work but fun too. I’ve lost 4 stones since I joined. I would never have dreamt of losing any weight at all, but the support, encouragement and motivation from Raj has worked wonders for me. Raj you are a wonderful lady and you work so hard, may God bless you always.

Gurpreet Mahal

Membership Number: 268


Thanks Raj, I have lost 1 stone and 24½ inches, with your help and support and I am very pleased. Everyone is really friendly and helpful, I enjoy coming to the gym.

Feda Quarrash

Membership Number: 615


I started Unique Fitness in June 2012. Never been to a gym before but since I’ve come I’ve done a Shape Up Challenge and lost 12lbs and 20 inches from my body. I really enjoy coming and Raj has been very helpful and all staff are brilliant. Just want to say a big thank you for helping me.

Carolyn Law

Membership Number: 636


I have lost 20½ inches whilst doing the Summer Shape Up Challenge, my weight stayed the same, but my BMI rate has come down which is good news. I wish to thank Raj and Jas for all their help and coaching they have given me whilst attending the gym.

Denise Heath

Membership Number: 633


I am really pleased with the results of my exercise programme – I can see that i have firmed up (my clothes fit much better!) I also feel a lot better in myself as well!

Rachel Harris

Membership Number:565


Unique Fitness is exactly what it says Unique! I’ve been a member at several gyms and saw no results after 10 weeks here i’ve lost 24 inches and feel so much better. I would certainly recommend this gym to anyone. The classes are really fun and keep you motivated. Thanks everyone

Laura Jacques

Membership Number:419



Thanks to all staff for all your motivation to get me through my program. Have lost
1 ½ stones in 10 weeks and in total 22 inches all over . Can’t wait to start my new program to achieve my results of a better figure and health. Would recommend coming to friends.

Samia Kauser

Membership Number: 166

I have been coming to Unique Fitness for the past three months and I am amazed at the results. I have lost 2 stone n total and 48 inches all over so far.

Raj is brilliant, she gives you so much encouragement and help, she makes you feel so welcome and she’s always got a smile on her face and always makes time for you.

I love coming and look forward to my workouts with Raj, she really is a special person.

Thank you Raj and watch this space for more results.

Pam Sandhu

Membership Number: 232


Have joined the gym since Jan 2011 and am really, really happy, as I have lost just over 3 stones in just 4 ½ months. I would recommend this gym to anyone and also give a tip that you need to be prepared to bust-it because they do make you work hard, it is down to you and the effort you put in it – the harder you workout the more you lose. You need to follow all instructions given and watch the inches drop off you. Come on ladies you can do it, I can so you can. Thank you all staff for helping me. Hey I forgot to say that I was a size 16 and now I am a size 10.
Membership Number: 308

Just wanted to say thank you to Raj for her support in helping to keep me motivated to lose weight and reach my goal.

Been to many other gyms but this is the only one that has made a difference; the best one I’ve been to. A lovely environment, with friendly staff and management.

Thank you
Membership Number: 283

I love this place. This is a great opportunity to lose weight and socialise with other lovely ladies and build a friendship. Very friendly and supportive staff. In three months I lost 4 lb weight and 115 inches from all over.

Many thanks Raj
Membership Number: 439

I enjoy coming to the gym, I am very happy with my weight, and the inches that I have lost in 10 weeks. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Thank you Raj
Kalsoom Bi
Membership Number: 467

I’ve been at Unique Fitness for 9 weeks now, I’ve never felt better about myself. Staff are so pleasant and friendly, they have really made me feel welcome.

In total I have lost 22 ¾ inches and my BMI has dropped from 28.5 to 26 which is brilliant. Thank you Unique Fitness, I’m looking forward to my next assessment.
Amy Drew
Membership Number: 461

Congratulations Raj, the combination of a great atmosphere, superb classes and fully trained, helpful instructors has resulted in Unique Fitness being a great gym to come to!!!

Laura’s cardio classes are a great way to work every muscle and Cardio Kick gives the best results.

I joined the gym four months ago and at my 12 week assessment I had lost 10lb’s and 14 inches!!!

Never thought I’d say this but I “LOVE” working out and its all down to Unique Fitness.

Thanks to Raj and all the instructors
Naina Kingston
Membership Number: 310


I have lost 8 pounds and 18 inches since I have joined Unique Fitness, I feel very proud of myself that I was able to lose this much. The staff in the gym are very friendly and always have a big smile on their faces when I come. Overall I’m very pleased about loosing my weight this is definitely the place to come to lose weight and have a laugh at the same time.

Shafinah Kauser

Membership Number:73



I have been coming to Unique Fitness for 3 months and thoroughly enjoy it. I wish I didn’t have to ho to work as then I could spend more time here! 

Everyone is really friendly and helpful and down to earth. Raj really pushes me to work hard which is great as if I was left to my own devices I doubt I would have achieved the results I have in just 3 months – a total inch loss of 18½ inches! This has really motivated me to carry on and work harder. I would recommend this gym to anyone as it has a great atmosphere and I feel I have made new friends in Raj and Jas.
Hayley Spencer
Membership Number: 537


I’ve been coming to Unique Fitness since January and have really enjoyed it. I’ve lost 5lbs and 13½ inches and feel really well. A big thank you to Raj.

Kate Jewkes
Membership Number: 535


I have been coming to the gym for about two months, but due to being busy at work have only recently been coming in regularly and following the plan that Raj has put me on and I have lost 4.2lbs in 2 weeks and over 12 inches off the whole body. My BMI has also gone considerably down and is now normal, I am so pleased with the results and will hopefully carry on doing so well, all with the help of Raj and Jas. Thank you guys I have started to regain my confidence.

Tam Sanam

Membership Number: 588


I have just finished the summer shape up challenge. I have lost half a stone and 17½ inches overall. Its been a hard few weeks but I’m happy because I have achieved it. I am really happy! Going to carry on eating healthy so I can lose some more and Raj has been a brilliant motivator, will do it again.

Shaida Akhtar

Membership Number: 72


I have been working out for 3 months now and I have lost a stone already, I have also lost 7 inches from my abs. So I have now set my next target to see what I can lose in the next few months, but my main target is to stay on track for September hopefully I will be very happy with the result. Thank you.

Kimberley McKenzie

Membership Number: 579


I am extremely pleased with the amount I have lost inn such a short time and I would never have been able to do it without the help and support from all the staff, and a special thank you to Raj for always pushing me! Thank you everyone
Laura Morris
Membership Number: 539


I have lost 2 stone and 32 inches of my waist and I am very pleased. I have lost so much in 3 months and I would like to say a big thank you to Raj, Jas and Heidi. They all motivate me and kept me on track and it’s very good.

Zeban Alias

Membership Number:400


Wow! I have lost 2 stones and 14 inches in 6 months. I am very pleased that I have lost it. Raj has motivated me to do the classes as well and I can now finish the class without stopping. A big thank you to Raj, Jas and Heidi.

Humma Alias

Membership Number: 398


I have been coming here for two months, its just amazing! I have been to so many other gyms but Unique Fitness is simply excellent.

I did the inch and weight loss challenge and I have lost 31½ inches all over my body and half a stone, in just two weeks! I am so thrilled with joy! I thank Raj and all her staff for the encouragement and motivation.
Saddaf Choudhary
Membership Number: 546


I recently did the Summer Shape Up Challenge. I initially lost 2 pounds and was disheartened. I was thinking of giving up but Raj motivated me to continue. I completed the challenge and have lost 12lbs and 9½ inches. Since starting the gym I have toned up a lot but not lost much weight. I am so glad I did this challenge and lost weight plus inches. I would like to thank Raj and her team for running a friendly, positive environment for ladies to be able to come in at their own convenience and have a variety of choice from different classes to different equipment. Thank you

Parwin Akhtar

Membership Number: 321


Thanks to Raj, I have lost 4lbs and 19½ inches in total so far. With her help and encouragement I know I will get to where I want to be, 10 more pounds to go and counting. I feel happier, slimmer, more toned and dare I say sexier.
Kelly Wykes
Membership Number: 548


Great gym loads of fun. The staff are very nice and friendly, which makes you want to come more often. All the classes are really good especially Cardio Kick its a good workout and the routine changes so your not doing the same moves every week. Raj is a good instructor, she pushes you hard so your doing your best, its like being at boot camp.

Aisha and Maryiam Kosar

Membership Numbers: 498 and 499


I really enjoy coming to unique fitness. I have lost half a stone in 10 weeks. I enjoy all the classes and the staff are really nice. Thanks for the help ladies.

Sapphire Robinson

Membership Number:404

Unique Fitness, what can I say. I came 18 months ago with arthritis and hardily any mobility and they have helped so much with my exercise programme and given me more strength and mobility. Earlier this year I had a total knee replacement and had to miss 2 months at Unique – and Ireally missed everyone and my visits. When I came back Raj was very kind and helpful (she kept in touch while I was recovering after my op) and I would recommend anyone to come and try out at Unique – no matter how bad or unfit you feel. Thank you everyone at Unique!!

Linda Hughes

Membership Number:118

Feel much better since I have been working out at Unique Fitness, lots more energy and clothes fit more comfortably. Raj always has a smile and always willing to help!

Jenny Johnson

Membership Number:345


Feeling really pleased after my assessment, have lost almost half a stone as well as just over four inches from my thighs, waist and abdomen. Really feel that having the benefit of the Cardio equipment really helps. I feel as though I have actually done a workout when I have finished. I’ve now got the motivation to carry on.

Sheila Rose

Membership Number:46


I would like to thank Raj and Karlie for all their help given to me. I would not have been able to lose my weight without the girls help and support to which I have lost 1 stone since I started. Once again girls thank you very much.

Irene Skelding

Membership Number:3


Thank you ladies. I’ve lost 10lb and 18″ overall. Unique Fitness work’s great for me. Would recommend to all friends who want to lose weight or get fit. The staff are all excellent. Thank you

Andrea Brooks
Membership Number:116


Brilliant! Weight loss and inch loss exceeding my expectations, would never have done it without Unique Fitness. Thanks girls.

Ami Ashton-Mackie
Membership Number:5


Very good, I feel much better than I did before because I’ve lost weight and inch and my BMI has gone down and I feel great. Thank you to staff Raj and Karlie

Abida Iqbal

Membership Number:27


Since coming to Unique Fitness my posture, blood pressure and BMI have all improved. Overall I’m feeling better already and lost 7 inches!

Yvonne Priest

Membership Number:24


I am quite pleased with my first assessment, having lost in all measurements. The enjoyment I got from coming to the gym is my biggest inspiration, I look forward to each visit working with Raj & Karlie.

Glynis Ashton-Mackie

Membership Number:6


I used to hate the idea of the gym or any type of exercise. Then Karlie persuaded me to join Unique Fitness! That was one of the best decisions of my life – not only have I lost inches, weight and fat, I have lost my fear of exercise! Nowadays I look and feel the best I have ever felt and I love my gym. Thank you Raj & Karlie.

Shanaz Akhtar
Membership Number:59


Really happy here there’s someone to keep an eye on me. I don’t feel like I’m alone on this I can actually see there’s some hope for me.

Faria Shazadi
Membership Number:13

I am happy that my weight has gone down. I feel much fitter and my BMI and Body fat has also gone down. I have lost inches in areas I was most concerned about. So overall very pleased.

Haleema Sadia

Membership Number: 61

I love this place!! It’s such a pleasure to come here. All staff and other members are incredibly friendly. Am still losing weight and inches and am very happy.

Thank you so much

Becky Sutton

Membership Number:18

Wow! ‘Unique Fitness’. Best gym ever. So helpful and kind very enjoyable, no matter what age!

Penny Hodgekiss

Membership Number:2

Thanks Unique Fitness!!! I’ve lost 8lbs and 8½ inches!! Very happy bunny!

Wendy St.Claire

Membership Number:82

Fantastic! I’ve lost 8kg and 16inches. Very happy. Hope the progress stays this way, brilliant gym, fantastic staff, very motivating. Would recommend to all

Iqra Ramzan

Membership Number:138

Great news! I feel much better. I’ve got so much energy! Wish I’d come months ago. Great team behind me

Caroline Smith

Membership Number:119


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