About Us

A gym which is determined to make a difference

The National Fitness Awards 2014


 We are unique, in that we are one of the only gyms in the West Midlands that offers an excellent service and the following facilities; air resistant circuit, cardio workout, a variety of group fitness classes, Wobble Away, combi infrared sauna and steam, showers and beauty all under the same roof! Plus a uniquely designed program for each client for your specific goals.

We also keep up to date with what is going on the fitness industry and always trying to provide exciting new ways for our members to get and stay fit and healthy. We regularly offer members and non-members the opportunity to compete with each other with our Inch and Weight Loss Challenges.

Since we have been open, we have held a number of charity events with our members for Race for Life, Breast Cancer Research, Primary Scleorising Cholangitis Support and Acorn’s Midnight Walk. In 2013 we raised £1,900 for Society of Parents of Children with Cancer (SPOCC). Our most recent fundraising event was for our local hospital; Russells Hall Hospital. Our target was to raise £2,000, but we exceeded this target and raised £2,502 for the Lung Function Assessment Unit. This has enabled the unit to purchase six continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, to help treat people with obstructive sleep apnoea. We had chosen this unit as we wanted to raise more awareness of the condition; sleep apnoea.
We also plan social events for our members to come along to, throughout the year. Where we get together and have an evening of fun.

Part of the price you pay for being successful is that sooner or later you will be copied. We are named Unique Fitness for a reason, and our system is unique as we focus on the combination of a fitness workout and figure focused program. Even though we have been open for over 5 years, others have tried to copy us of course, which we take as a compliment, but without the passion and enthusiasm that we have our competitors cannot hope to achieve the results that our members regularly obtain.

Furthermore we were shortlisted in the final five at The National Fitness Awards 2014 for Ladies Only Gym of the Year. Since then we have been shortlisted for the community involvement award at the Black Country Asian Business Awards this year and shortlisted finalists for the BBCWM Pride of Birmingham Community Champion Awards.


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